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29 February 2012

Just do it now!!

I use this proverb "The most important time is now" to remind myself when I am feeling a little lazy.

I remember my life at my parents house, I did not need to worry anything at all. We had food on table when we were hungry and bed was ready when it was time to sleep. I only needed to worry about my exams and studies at school and university. When I said, my life at my parents place, it was until about I was 26yr of age or in other words, until I got married.

After getting married, I migrated to the Great Britain with my husband for our career and further degrees. Then, I realised how stressful it could be to live ourselves. Not only studying anymore, but I had to cook, did the house chores and ensured all bills were paid, banks were sorted, random documents (eg; Tax form, CRB etc etc) were filled in and sent back and the list could go on endlessly. Some of them, I just left them in my "to do list" to do them when I was free.
Once jobs were piled up, I found myself feeling miserable, unhappy and crying out with stress. I then remembered an interview with one world famous person, that I read a couple of years ago. I did not remember who that person was, but I remembered him saying "I do all my jobs straight away, never leave them for tomorrow" when the interviewer asked him how he became very successful.

I reflected myself and realised I needed to make some changes in my life. Ever since, I always try to finish my daily to-do list, which is now empty most of the time. I am feeling a lot happier and free of stress since I have that habit. I receive a lot of compliments from my colleagues also.

I am not perfect, and nobody needs to be. What only matter is, I always try my best and give my all, everyday. When laziness comes into my mind, I said to myself "The most important time is now, so don't waste it, but just go for it".