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27 February 2012

Awkward moment

There was a long queue in front of me at hospital coffee shop today. Whilst patiently waiting for my turn to be served, I took my iphone out and checked my emails. Then about 80 yr old gentleman just behind me suddenly said "Oh your phone looks very nice. What is it called?". I was stunned and replied "Ermm?" Not many people here usually asked random questions to people you do not know.

Majority of my friends, old or young, consultants or cleaners, have iphone. I love my phone because it looks very pretty, slick and practical. I have many educational and work related applications installed. I can check my emails, twitter and facebook, and keep up with the latest research and academic updates 24hour round the clock. Sometimes, I do wonder how I would cope without this little thing in my daily life. 

When I was asked that question by gentleman, I was confused at first as to what he wanted to know. Then I replied "Oh its just my phone" Then he asked again "yes what is it called?" That was a moment of awkwardness as many people turned around and looked at us. I whispered him, feeling a little embarrassed "It is called iphone". He was deaf and using hearing aid, as I noticed.He said loudly to me "Pardon? Is it blueberry?" I do not know a thing about blue or blackberry phones. I reply him a little loudly this time "Oh no, this is iphone"He took his very old nokia phone out of his jacket pocket and showed me, and said, "Aww It looks very nice with widescreen. I have this phone but I can not see very clearly"I do not know why, I just felt a little sad to see his very old phone with a lot of scratch marks. Before I even noticed, I found myself, showing him my iphone functions and applications, and chatting with him loudly. I could not care less what other people around think of me. I ended up buying a cup of tea for him also, as I started enjoying our conversation as it went on from mobiles to even Britain gloomy weather, global news etc. I finally realised that he wanted to chat rather than wanted to know more about my phone!